No Compromise Studio Monitor Systems "Designed By Audio Engineers for Audio Engineers"
Guzauski-Swist GS-3a Studio Monitor System Overview: The Guzauski-Swist GS-3a 3-way studio monitor system is designed for professionals to take the punishment of a tracking or writing session as well as provide the extreme accuracy and translation required for mixing. “No compromises.” That’s the Guzauski-Swist motto. Our products are a perfect example of quality craftsmanship and over 40 years of research and development. The Guzauski-Swist Audio Systems GS-3a Studio Monitor System consists of the finest state-of-the-art components currently available. Delivering accurate full bandwidth frequency response and wide dynamic capability are hallmarks of this system. The GS-3a studio monitor system’s innovative design minimizes ear fatigue while delivering superb sonic accuracy for near-field or mid-field monitoring. The Guzuaski-Swist Audio Systems GS-3a Monitor System is available in a variety of configurations. Available Guzauski-Swist Audio Systems GS-3a Studio Monitor System Configurations: 2.0 – Guzauski-Swist system offers a 3-way stereo pair with pristine sound and accuracy 2.1 – 3-way stereo configuration with added 15” low end driver, the XED-15 sub woofer, delivering flawless sound 5.1 – The complete GS-3a Studio Monitor System for Surround Sound with optional GS-3ac center channel monitor and 2 XED-15 subwoofers Details on each configuration is provided below: The Guzauski-Swist "DSP software application" gives the user an option to control the unit from a remote PC. The "DSP software application" is designed to easily control and monitor the Guzauski-Swist GSA3i amp DSP unit. Programs can be recalled and stored from and to your PCʼs hard drive. The Guzauski-Swist "DSP software application" comes with a wide array of presets configured for precise integration into the acoustical environment in which it is installed. For more information and an inside look into the Guzauski-Swist GSA3i DSP Processing Module. Guzauski-Swist Audio Systems GS-3a Studio Monitor System specifications: Active 3-Way 2 Cubic Foot Sealed Enclosure 12″ Woofer 3″ Dome Mid-range 1″ Dome Tweeter Freq. Response: 28Hz-18KHz +/- 2dB Inputs: Analog and Digital (AES) Size: 14.5″H x 23.5″W x 15.5″D Weight: 70 lbs Current Draw: 12 Amps Guzauski-Swist Studio Monitor system features: 12″ low resonance, long excursion driver in a sealed cabinet eliminating port turbulence noise 3″ Dome ATC mid range capable of high power handing and extended bandwidth which keeps the vocal frequency range away from crossover points 1″ Morel Soft dome Tweeter known for smooth and extended frequency response with exceptional power handling 3700 Watts of class D amplification in a separate rack chassis Rugged high current multi-pin Speakon™ connectors Enclosure design also allows both vertical and horizontal driver alignments Digital processor contains the very best AD/DA converters and analog components available today Integrated DSP with user definable room compensation equalization and delay AES Digital and analog inputs